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What Is


In A Nutshell...

"ROYALTY FREE" basically means 

You don't have to worry about paying any "Royalties" or "PRS/PPL" fees to use it. You're free to Broadcast it in any commercial area, examples: in Shops, Hair Salons, Cafe's & Restaurants, Hotels &on the internet, YouTube, Facebook your own website for whatever you want, Personally or Professionally. Without breaking any copyright laws or having to pay any Royalties.




Using Music In Public means you have to pay Fees to PRS, PPL & MCPS.

And "In Public", unfortunately means, well, anywhere.

It also means Anywhere ONLINE, too. So, anything posted onto YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook or just about anywhere else for anything public will need to PAY for Copywritten Music to be used in ANY capacity.

Even for your home movies, if they're being loaded into the Public Domain, for everyone in the Universe to "Like" your last family holiday or Baby's First Steps. 

Royalty Free

vs Royalty Fees

Music that is Royalty Free means that the Artist(s) have decided to either waive their Royalty Fees altogether, or have them paid "In Advance", so to speak, by the Customer paying a Single Price Upfront for Unlimited Use of that Product. And sometimes that does make it Quite Expensive - but it will cost a lot less than paying the Licence fees required otherwise.

Legally, once the transaction is made, the Product Is Yours, free & clear to use however you would like, and owe no further money for using it.

The Product would also come with a Worldwide Royalty Free License to prove that it is Royalty Free, and you are able to use it Personally & Professionally as you so wish.

It's a Great Way To Circumvent The PRS etc Fees you otherwise have to pay for Music for your Content.

Royalty Free Music
Eirianlys Royalty Free

So ,What About

Eirianlys Music


For Any Use - Business or Personal
No Extra Costs:


Screenshot 2022-08-06 142000_edited.jpg

With Every CD & Download of Eirianlys Music Albums or Single Songs You Get 

A Legal "Royalty Free To Broadcast" License:

So NO Need to pay Any PRS (Performing Right Society) or PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) Fees Whatsoever - once you've bought your CD or Download

The Music Is Now Yours To...

USE ANYWHERE FOR ANYTHING & NO EXTRA FEES — online, on  websites, Content Creation, YouTube, TikTok, Videos, for Businesses, Waiting Rooms, Stores, Salons, you name it

Use as Background Music in shops, offices & other public areas, for “Phone Muzak”, for Employment Spaces, Home Videos - In The Public Domain [oh, yes, even those!]… there’s really no end to what you can do with Royalty Free Music!

This music is YOURS once you’ve bought it, and that’s the Beauty of it being ROYALTY FREE!

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